Applying Powder Tips

Among your make up kit, you will have your lipstick, mascara, false eyelashes but what is a necessity? Off course your powder but its more important to select the right powder and apply it properly by following the correct method. Powder stops the skin from looking shiny. Translucent powder is considered the best. There are two types of powder and the method to apply them.

Loose Powder

  • Apply powder only after you have completed the application of foundation and concealer.
  • Take a clean tissue, wipe your brush on it and then use it to remove excess powder from your face.
  • Dip your powder brush into the powder. Shake off the excess powder.
  • Brush it on face in the upward direction.

Pressed Powder

  • Apply pressed powder on your face using sponge.
  • Dab a small amount of powder on a cosmetic puff and apply it to shiny areas or places when your make up has become thin.
  • Remove extra powder from your face.

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