Avoid A Makeup Meltdown

Your makeup may look fabulous after you have just put it on, but one thing every girl hates is finding their makeup on everything, accept their face.

You may find out How to Apply Concealer? but get to know the ways to avoid a makeup meltdown.

The first and most important lesson you will ever learn in applying makeup is to always ensure that you use a good quality brand of makeup that agrees with your skin type.

While there are millions of cheap brands on the market, you can still find a quality product among the less expensive brands. Here are a few easy ways to help your makeup stay put.

  • Building a solid foundation
    For a flawless finished skin, choose a foundation that has staying properties. After you have applied your moisturizer to your face, apply your foundation. This will help to ensure that all the foundation gets blended in evenly. When applying foundation, avoid using your hands and rather use an applicator wedge or foundation brush. This ensures that your foundation is not unnecessarily wasted.
    If your skin is very oily, set your foundation by applying a light, loose powder or translucent powder finish over your foundation with a blusher brush. Be careful not to overdo it with the powder.
  • Locking in the color

Before applying lipstick and eye shadow, apply a small, thin layer of foundation over your lips and eyelids. This little trick will help to keep your makeup set for longer.

  • Waterproof the look

Always ensure that you are using a waterproof-based mascara on eyes, especially during the hot summer months. Nothing looks more “Adams Family” than dripping mascara.

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