Choose your lipstick wisely

Applying a lipstick can be funny and yet an easy part of face make up because there are not as many rules to follow and because the color you put on your lips changes your appearance. You can transform your look from natural pinks to elegant reds just by changing colors.

Mix and match lip colors

You can create your unique color combinations by mixing lipstick colors on your lips to define your mouth, add color to your face and manage your overall look. If you have the right Make up color palette, that way you can customize your lip color to create the effect you want and to match different clothes.

So, with so many options there is no need to restrict yourself to wearing the same lipstick colors all the time. Your lip colors can range from natural looking pinks and beiges, to oranges, to dramatic and elegant reds. And, as a finishing touch, your lipstick should go well with blusher and also eye shadow to suit you.

When its lipstick, pigment is the leader

The main ingredient in lipstick is pigment, which gives the color. Pigment involves oils to moisturize your lips and wax to keep its shape. The ratios of these ingredients may vary but the more pigment it has, the more it dries your lips. Lipstick is available in stick, cream and frosted formulas, and in a wide range of colors. Some lipsticks offer high solid coverage, while others are sheer and natural. And quality does not depend on price, you can find good quality lipstick at cheap prices.

Here is how to choose lipstick colors

While selecting a lipstick you need to consider the clothing that you are wearing. Your lipstick color should complement your outfit, not clash with it.

The occasion and dress style (casual or formal) are also important factors. If its a casual wear natural colors would be more appropriate while deeper colors such as dark reds would suit for a party or formal events.

After you have decided on a color, try it on your lips and test the color in natural light. Here are listed the different types of lipsticks.

  • Sheer

    Looks naturally, wet and shiny, and it is not long lasting since it contains little pigment. Includes lip glosses (stains and tints), and offer little coverage. If you color in the lips with a light color pencil first your lipstick will last longer.

  • Shimmer

    Metallic shimmers contain small pieces of mica to reflect the light but this quality looks more subtle after applied to the lips. Shimmers draw attention to the lips and can make them appear fuller.

  • Cream

    Moisturizing lipstick containing oils and conditioners (like a lip balm), that makes them lighter and smoother than heavy mattes. Cream lipsticks are available in long lasting formulas.

  • Matte

    Longest lasting formula containing the most pigment (which can dry your lips) provides deep opaque colors. Lighter mattes are known as semi matte. With a matte or semi-matte lip color you can create a warm, natural effect and they can also make the lips look thinner.

  • Long-lasting

    This deep, creamy, time-release (semi-permanent) formula uses the heat from your lips to stimulate continuous release of color that does not fade and can last up to eight hours.

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