Eye Shadow To Suit You

In today’s world, it has become very necessary for every girl to represent her beauty in the most elegant way. Whether you are at a business meeting, a disco party or even during shopping your beauty counts. Due to lack of time you cannot adorn your complete face but do not forget that your eyes can draw much attention and can speak a lot without words.

While applying your own make up

If you are going to step out of your home for whatever reason and you are planning to apply your own makeup, consider these points about eye shadow first. Yes, all stages of makeup application are important including eyebrow plucking to get your face in shape so that you match to the latest trend but eye shadow undoubtedly plays a very important role in you final choices of cosmetics and so does lipstick so choose your lipstick wisely.

Eye Shadow – Ancient and Current

If you have observed, you will realize that fashion trends and cosmetics have gradually changed through the years. The fashion or glamor models of a certain decade whom we saw in magazines or on television dressed in the best fashionable way to draw our attention and mainly to commercialize the latest trends. But their clothes did not say it all, it was also their eyes. You can sometimes date a photo by just looking at the eye shadow.

The eye shadow and makeup progressions have changed tremendously through the years just like clothing trends. It has become a need to learn how to apply eyeliner. If just observe the pictures of models taken in the eighties. The ways in which they applied their makeup was the sign of the times, and when the nineties rolled out, many people stopped wearing much of heavy make up, they just applied less make up so that its not much noticed but still creates a difference.

Make your eyes “POP” with eye shadow

You will be happy to know that you can wear certain colors of eye shadow that will make your eyes pop? If your eyes are hazel for instance, but they usually look green then you can make them attractive by applying a purple eye shadow, and sometimes you may add a little green color to it. This effect works very well! You could surely wear brown with your hazel eyes, but they would not pop like they do when when you apply the purple.

There are colors of eye shadow that will do this for every eye color out there, though you may have to experiment until you find the one that works best for you. Put on your eye shadow, close your eyes while standing in front of your mirror, then open them suddenly. Do you see pop or flop? You are the best judge.

Eye shadow doesn’t have to Cost a fortune to Look Good!

How much did you spend on your eye shadow the last time or did you select the right foundation to suit you? You really don’t have to spend a fortune on your eye shadow, but the ones that cost a little more do tend to stay in place on your eyelids for a longer period. There are both expensive and inexpensive brands of eye shadow that work well, it all depends on how well you apply it.

There is nothing worse than your make up running down your face when you are out in public or at an important model portfolio session. Make sure you get one that stays rightly for a longer time put as that might be the most attractive look of all. The color you choose is not important if the eye shadow is spread all over your face! When it about eye shadow and looking fantastic in your images, don’t splurge or skimp on money. Just be sure that you select the right color to match your face so that it gives the best look.

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