Eyebrow Filling Tips

A thicker brow with a sharp eyebrow pencil using light, feathery strokes, adding color to thinner areas. As much as possible, work only with the hair that is there. The idea is to shade rather than draw on eyebrows.
Brush the brow up with a toothbrush. This will help to get the hair into firmness and settle them evenly.

Apply the color by filling in the shape of the brow between the hairs where needed. Fill in only at the front or underneath the brow, or through the brow itself. Groom your brows with a clean mascara brush or similar tool. Move loose hairs into place and blend color for a more natural appearance.

When you are finished with the filling process, with the help of upward strokes, brush the brows back into the place. Prefer using an eyebrow brush for this purpose as this will help soften and shade the eyebrow pencil coloring to make it look more natural.

To see the natural line of the eyebrow and where it needs to be filled, comb your brow with the help of an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush in the direction in which it grows.

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