Foundation to suit you

Foundation being one of the most widely existing types of makeup, yet it’s also one of the least tacit. Science has created formulas to choose how to treat your skin. From cover redness and shrink pores to give skin a firmer look and even erase signs of aging. Still, the endless options can be overwhelming, leading most of us to skip foundation altogether or pick one that’s not quite right for our complexion or skin type. As a result, we often end up with a mask-like finish, flaky or greasy skin, more evident lines, wrinkles or the dreaded start-and-stop line. But with these tips you can find which foundation suits you.

Read below to know the right foundation to make your skin look and behave better than ever!

To add radiance

If your skin has a smooth glow, use a lightweight illuminating foundation. These typically contain microscopic light reflectors, which impart subtle luminosity. Adding a drop or two of a liquid highlighter to your foundation will give shine and produce an overall glow.

To reduce signs of aging

Take advantage of foundations with age-defying ingredients. These liquids also help smooth away other skin problems that accompany lines, such as an uneven, rough texture. Soften the look of deeper lines with foundation primer. Primers function as a base and prevent foundation from creeping into cracks, thereby making facial lines less noticeable.

To minimize pores

Oil-free matte formulas are your best choice here because the subtle finish they impart reduces the appearance of pores. Keep your foundation fresh with powder touchups throughout the day. A lucid powder is perfect. These won’t pile color pigments on the edges of your pores.

To Play Down Oiliness

Oil-free and non pore-clogging make-ups are the right options for skin that’s prone to shine. If your skin is a little oily and a little dry, try foundations for combination skin; they contain strong micro spheres that hydrate areas that need moisture while delivering oil control to shiny spots.

To Moisturize Dry Skin

Hydrating foundations come in liquid or cream forms and offer a light feel, thanks to moisturizing elements which draws water from the air for complete day softness. Skip powders and matte finishes, which can make dry skin and looks parched. Likewise, avoid powder blush; cream formulas make skin look dewy and fresh.


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