How To Apply Concealer?

Applying make up is really an interesting and entertaining tool which your hands can operate and play around with to create your look the way you want but always Avoid A Makeup Meltdown. What is important is the method to follow while applying any make up.

Let’s get to know the steps to follow while applying concealer.

Step 1 – Apply small dots of concealer at a time.
Step 2 – Touch the concealer directly onto the blemish and blend well at the edges.
Step 3 – After the concealer has dried, more can be applied to build up the desired opacity.

Concealer Applying Tips
1. Don’t apply more than two coats of concealer at a time or it will look obvious that you’re trying to hide a pimple. Foundation should further hide the blemish.
2. Instead of applying the cream from the inside corner of the eye to the outside it should be dabbed on the skin and then gently blended with the finger tips moving from the outside corner to the inside corner. This procedure will not pull the skin.
3. To remove concealer from your face, use a face cleanser, instead of vigorously rubbing the skin with soap and water.


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