How To Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner serves as a simple and easy way to beautifully highlight just the eyes in one’s face. By varying the thickness of the lines, one can wear them for both formal as well as informal occasions. The eyeliner comes in the form of pencil as well as liquid. However, it requires a lot of precision to apply the eyeliner on the eye correctly and perfectly and this only comes with practice. Learn different ways of applying the eyeliner from this article.

Applying Eyeliner method

We have discussed three different ways of applying the eye liner to achieve three different looks.

Eyeliner for daily Look

Stretch out smooth the skin on your upper eyelid. Start applying eyeliner from the inner eye corner (near nose). Halt when you have reached two-thirds of the way along the eyelid. You can use short strokes as it will enable you to draw the line into the lash line than over it. For dramatic look, make the line on the outer side a little thicker than the inside. Repeat the same process on the other eye as well.

Misty Eyes Look

This process is a little tricky and you will definitely master it with some practice. Hold skin of your upper lid taut. Now apply eyeliner starting from the inside corner of the eye outward. Remember to keep the eyeliner line in the middle of the eyelid a bit thicker than the edges on either side. Now take a little cotton swap and damp it with water. Next use the damp cotton to slightly smudge the eyeliner. Repeat same process on the next eye. And while you practice this, know the eye shadow to suit you.

The Cat Eye Look

You have to apply eyeliner differently for this look and require liquid eyeliner. Stretch out smooth the skin of your upper eyelid. The next step is to dot liquid liner along the upper lash line as close to the eye as possible. Draw line from one corner to another of the eye. Elongate the eyeliner line upward a bit at the outer eye corner. Give the eye liner few minutes to dry. Then similarly hold the lower lid and apply eyeliner only to the outer three quarters of the rim. Lighten the line as you near the tear duct. Repeat same process on the next eye.

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