Lip Liner and Lip Gloss

Applying a lip liner & lip gloss is a work of art because you need to know perfectly the angles of the lips. However, before doing the applications, you need to choose the best colors of lip liner and lip gloss you will be using. You also need to know your purpose of choosing the right colors if it will perfectly pout your lips or what. You also need to determine the best lipstick you will be using that is long lasting, perfect and made with the finest ingredients that will enhance your look as well as the skin of your lips.

Tips to Apply Lip Liner
Before putting on a lip color on your lips, use a lip liner or pencil as this will help in forming the natural shape of your mouth. To apply the lip liner you just have to draw line outside your natural lip line for more fullness and another line on the inside of your natural lip line to make it appear slightly thinner. But if you want to achieve a luscious pout for your lips, add a line on the bottom lip that is two shades lighter than the line of your upper lip.

For a more freedom on your lip colors, ensure that you have the various colors of your lip liner pencils as one single color of lip liner will not cut it out especially if you want to create an illusion of fullness and heavier for your lips.
Tips to Lip Gloss
Applying lip gloss with essential oils will make your lips look wonderful as well as your feeling. The choices of warm and cool shades for your lip gloss are great for your lipstick as these will make your favorite lipstick color to have that extra layer of light loving color. Plus, you can even wear lip glosses alone if you want a more pretty and natural look. However, in achieving this look, choose the best lip gloss that matches your skin tone.

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