Office Makeup

If you dress too causal while you are out at your work place or a business meeting, you are perceived as someone who is too casual in approach. It shows lack of required sincerity and seriousness that goes with the corporal image you are required to flash behind your PC.

Office makeup should be such that it does not create any hindrance in your job. It should be subtle and soft. While applying makeup for office, make sure that you should look natural. Applying office makeup is something tricky and needs proper skill. This does not mean that you should look dull and boring. You should look great, attractive.

First thing you should do before applying any makeup for office is to cleanse face properly. After that use toner or astringent to clean away any leftovers of cleanser as it may block pores. After this go ahead if yo know How to Apply Moisturizers. This cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is very important for you to keep your skin supple and soft.

Cheek Makeup

Try to use warm, earthy gold tones for the cheek makeup to look natural in fluorescent lights. Pink shades are not for office makeup, as your skin tone would look muddy. Women with dark skin tone should use browns, terracotta and maroon shades.

Eye Makeup

As far as eye makeup is concerned, you should use light eyeshadow colors as dark colors are reserved for nights only. Makeup in office lights look harsh and garish if not applied carefully. It tends to expose some minor details, which you generally do not notice while wearing makeup. Choose light shadow colors like gold, peach, rose etc. Also avoid dull colors like gray or blue. You can use brown eyeliner and brown mascara instead of black to look natural.

Lip Makeup

You should choose medium tones of lipstick such as brown, mochas or peach shades. You can apply lip-gloss too.  You should completely avoid shimmer shades on lips. Also avoid those tones like beige, taupe or earthy tones that look muddy in office lights.  If you are wearing heavy eye makeup, you can keep lips nude to look natural in work environment of office.

And yes, when going for work, just keep in mind that you have to dress for success and not to impress!

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