Protect Your Lips

The skin on your lips is paper thin and extremely delicate, which makes them extra vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. We all know the importance of protecting our skin against overexposure to the sun or against the chill by following Winter Makeup Tips. But did you know that your lips are at a much greater risk of developing skin cancer than the rest of your skin?

Most of us wear a lipstick or lip gloss to create an attractive look and stand among the crowd. but we must not blindly use make up that can harm our beauty and health up to a major extreme.

Choose your lipgloss carefully

Because of its shiny, reflective nature, some dermatologists claim that applying lipgloss and then going in the sun is the equivalent of taking a magnifying glass and focusing the concentrated sun rays directly on your lips. If you’re going to wear lipgloss, choose one that has a high level of SPF included in its formula.

Use High SPF

If your absolute favorite lipgloss doesn’t have SPF in it, you must find a chapstick or baselayer lip balm that has it so that you can wear the protective product underneath. Wear a lip balm with at least SPF 30 underneath all your lip colors at all times and this will keep your lips extra moisturized.

Pick a lipstick instead

Since lipsticks have more pigment than lipglosses, using one will provide you with better sun protection. Matte lipsticks especially have an advantage over glosses because they are less reflective and have the most coverage of lipstick formulas.


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