Your Body Lotion

While preparing yourself for the right make-up kit, you can’t miss out your lipstick, eyeliner and make up brushes. What’s tougher is to select the right lotion among the thousands in the market. A light, shimmery body lotion looks pretty when your skin hits the light just right. It also minimizes the appearance of flaws in your skin. But what if you don’t have any shimmer body lotion on hand? It’s simple to mix up and make your own lotion for your body. Here are the steps.

  • First, pick a lightweight lotion. Get out a small bowl for one-time use, or empty travel bottle if you intend on making a larger batch.
  • Add some loose, shimmery eye shadow to the lotion and mix well. If pressed eye shadow is your only option, dig some eyeshadow out with a knife, crush it, and add it to the lotion.
  • Work gradually so that you don’t go overboard with the shimmer.
  • If you are a warmer skin tone, stick to shadows that have gold or pink shimmer to them.
  • If you have a cooler undertone, a silver shimmer complements your skin tone the best.
  • You want it to be a subtle glow that just ever-so-effortlessly lights up your skin for that perfect nighttime effect.

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