How To Apply Makeup Powder

Makeup Powder is an effective beauty aid to make the skin look even soft and attractive while you know Plump Up Your Lips. Powder is the last item of your makeup. It is available in two forms – cake and powder. While choosing a powder, keep in mind your complexion, and choose a shade that goes with it, otherwise the two shades, one of your complexion and the other of your powder will not match. The skin will look blotchy. Do not use cake powder, if you have an oily skin, because it contains an oily base. While using powder, be sure your locks of hair are not hanging on your face. Apply powder with a clean, cotton puff and discard the used one.

Makeup Powder sets your makeup perfectly, giving a smooth, even finish to the complexion. Secondly, it helps to prevent the appearance of shine on the areas most prone to oiliness- the central panel. When applied correctly, your makeup will stay fresh for a longer time.

Makeup Powder can be applied over foundation to help set it, but its main purpose is to help keep your face looking fresh as the day wears on. For that reason, powder usually goes as a portable thing in every ladies bag.

Steps to apply Makeup powder:
1. Make sure the foundation is well blended.
2. Blot the face lightly with a tissue, especially over the forehead, nose and chin.
3. Pick up the powder on the puff and press it firmly on the face, one area at a time. Don’t try to smooth it on by massaging the puff over the face. Do not forget to use it on the neck.
4. Now using a soft, thick powder brush, whisk away the excess, with downward movement to stop the powder getting caught in the fine facial hair.
5. Powder gets stuck on eyebrows and eye lashes. Brush it off with an eye brow brush with an anti-clockwise movement.


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